Features of Jewellery Management Software

Features of Jewellery365Cloud

Every retail vertical is unique and the jewellery market is no exception. Not only do luxury jewelers boast an inventory of the most beautiful gems and diamonds crafted in gold, platinum or silver, but they also offer very specialized services to their customers. As a niche market, jewelers have very specific business processes and therefore require jewelry-specific features and functionalities when it comes to their retail systems. Here are the top features that all Jewellery retailers need for operational control

Point of Sale(POS)

Reach Jewellery Software comes with POS Software through which you can manage your billing system. Our Jewellery management system comes with option for touch based as well as keyboard-based billing facility.

Notification Management

Notification for upcoming birthdays, low stock, due payments, upcoming events, new promotion schemes and expired promotion schemes notification for employees.

Catalogue Management

Category wise different product catalog will be maintained here. Also, User can update catalogue information anytime anywhere.

Mobile Compatible

 A good system will include a mobile Jewellery app that allows you to move to the sales floor and spend more time with your store visitors.

Barcode Management

Generate a unique no. Which help to count inventory. User can cheque real-time status of inventory.

Security Management

Stop worrying about system crashes and data theft. Store the data safely on the cloud with Bank level security.

Report Management

The main function of this module is to perform an analysis of bills to generate the entire transaction process in a report format. It generates sales report, purchase report, bill reports, etc.

Mortgage Management

In this feature employee can view real-time status of mortgage Jewellery. With payment and customer details.

Inventory Management

A complete inventory management should be included in the features of the software that you are purchasing as storing Jewellery is an expensive business. You cannot keep expensive goods as such in a huge quantity nor can you have a shortage in your products when the customers visit your store. Therefore, inventory management can help you find a way through problems like these.

Customer Relationship and Analytics

Customers connection is a comparative must for a business in an increasingly crowded Jewellery environment. Studies suggest that customers spend more money with enterprise that constantly stay in touch and build a relationship with them. Jewellery365Cloud helps you build your customer base and keeps you connected with them via app for your customers.

Sales Promotion

Built in sales promotions module allows users to create their own sales campaigns based on predefined rules. Outline a time period, location, or customer group as parameters. Equipped with different promotional varieties from Jewellery365Cloud, to printing coupon for redemption on next purchase to encourage repeat buying.

Discount Management

Discount System is fully advanced. In this different type of discounts are available like- Percentage, per unit, Lump sum etc. in this you can set Bill wise, Item wise or Group wise discounts.